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CLI Solutions Group offers a number of products for purchase. To learn more about our products, please call or email:
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CLI Engage Access
CLI Engage is a comprehensive web-based platform that houses online professional development courses, child progress monitoring and reporting tools, a vast collection of classroom activities, and classroom observation tools.

CIRCLE Pre-K Curricula Print Editions
The CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum provides all the resources needed to support weekly planning and delivery of comprehensive prekindergarten instruction. Complement the online curriculum with conveniently bound print editions in either English or Spanish.

Effective Phonics Instruction: A Routine for Teaching Spelling Teacher Resource
This 70 page resource is a must have for any K-5 teacher. Learn how to implement an explicit instructional routine with well-planned lessons to support any phonics program used in the classroom.

Effective Phonics Instruction: Phonics Wall Cards
This amazing resource supports the effective instruction of phonics in the classroom. With clear spelling patterns and a photo on the front, the back helps teachers know what to say and do when teaching each spelling pattern to students.

Phonological Awareness: Instructional Activities for Use Throughout the Day!
This helpful resource contains user-friendly activities for teaching various aspects of phonological awareness. These activities do not require the preparation of any materials and can be done throughout the day. Available in both English and Spanish.



Preview Print Samples

Start-up Guide: The Start-up Guide has been included to provide a quick overview of the curriculum and a sample of the support for lesson planning.
Start-up Guide Quick View

Scope and Sequences: In the print edition, there are 15 Scope and Sequence books addressing 33 weeks of whole- and small group instruction. Please preview the English and Spanish sample for Week 14 by clicking on the links below.
Scope and Sequence English Week 14 Sample
Scope and Sequence Spanish Week 14 Sample

Theme Guides: Theme Guides can be used flexibly and work in conjunction with the Scope and Sequence. Below, we have provided an excerpt from both the English and Spanish version of the theme The Sky Above Me/ Mi cielo sobre mi.
Theme Guide English The Sky Above Me Sample
Theme Guide Spanish El cielo sobre mi Sample

Supplemental Materials Handout: The Supplemental Materials Collection includes numerous resources to support the implementation of the curriculum. Please refer to the handout for an explanation of the various materials and how they are used in the classroom.
Supplemental Materials Handout

Sample Letter Introduction Routine cards: The Letter Introduction Routine cards are just one component of the Supplemental Materials. Below, we have provided a sample card in each language. These cards are a powerful teaching tool. Scripts on the back of the card follow an explicit routine for introducing letter names, sounds, and letter formation. The consistent language is helpful for both teachers and children.
Letter Card English Sample
Letter Card Spanish Sample


CIRCLE Pre-K Curricula Print Editions

The digital version of the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum and Currículo CIRCLE de prekínder are available for free to Texas public school teachers. The curricula are housed on CLI Engage and provide all the resources needed to support weekly planning and delivery of comprehensive prekindergarten instruction.

The online curriculum provides valuable digital features like videos, professional development resources, and direct links to family engagement activities. Some teachers may also appreciate having hard copies of the curriculum to reference when implementing lessons. Printed curriculum materials can be purchased separately and are available in English or Spanish.

Complement the online curriculum with conveniently bound print editions!




CIRCLE Pre-K Professional Development

Excited to start using your new curriculum? We’re here to help! Click the link to learn about the many Professional Development opportunities we provide to help with successful implementation of the CIRCLE Pre-k Curricula.

Pre-K Essentials Kit from Lakeshore Learning!

CLI and Lakeshore Learning have worked in partnership to offer a collection of high-quality, high-interest materials aligned with lessons and activities in the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum. Lakeshore’s Pre-K Essentials Kit supports thematic activities and learning across a range of domains, including language and vocabulary, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, math, science, and more. Click here to learn about this exciting resource available from Lakeshore Learning!

Infant & Toddler

CLI Solutions Group offers many solutions for supporting quality instruction in infant and toddler settings. 

CIRCLE Infant & Toddler Foundations Training: This comprehensive 5 module training helps to increase knowledge and understanding of research-based, effective practices for teachers of infant and toddlers. The training can be provided over two full days (13 hours), or by individual module. As well, the training is designed for both face-to-face or virtual delivery to meet the specific needs of your center. Modules include:

    • Best Practices (~1.5 hours)
    • Social & Emotional Development (~3 hours)
    • Language & Communication Development (~3 hours)
    • Cognitive Development (~3 hours)
    • Physical Health & Motor Development (~2 hours)

CIRCLE Infant and Toddler Teacher Training: Play with Me! Series: This  engaging series  dives into content from the eCIRCLE Infant & Toddler Teacher Training: Play with Me! courses. Sessions in this training series provide specific instructional strategies targeting infant and toddler development.

Play and Learning Strategies (PALS): PALS a preventive intervention program to strengthen the bond between parent and child and to stimulate early language, cognitive, and social development.

Effective Phonics Instruction: A Routine for Teaching Spelling

This training focuses on a 4-step routine for providing explicit and systematic phonics instruction regardless of the phonics program implemented in the K-2 classroom. Clear and consistent language is used for all parts of the routine and teachers are supported with a user-friendly lesson planning template and resource book. This foundational literacy component requires approximately 15 minutes of instruction per day.


Check our Our Products if you are interested in purchasing the Effective Phonics Instruction Teacher Resource or the Phonics Wall Cards to support your instruction. 

CIRCLE Pre-K Foundations

The CIRCLE Pre-K Foundations Training provides a comprehensive look at prekindergarten instruction to support kindergarten readiness. This 7-module training was developed to target key areas of prekindergarten learning and instruction.

Across the 7 modules, teachers will experience multiple demonstration lessons and will have numerous opportunities to practice lessons and activities which can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Training may be offered over 2 full days, or by individual module. Best Practices should be provided first, but sequence is flexible after Best Practices has been completed. A total of 13 CPE Hours will be awarded if all modules are provided at one time.


  • Best Practices (approximately 140 minutes): Reinforces the importance of using research-based instructional approaches as a critical component of children’s emotional development and learning while engaging teachers in meaningful discussions, self-reflection, and planning.
  • Mathematics (approximately 90 minutes): Supports teachers in delivering playful lessons and activities that offer students opportunities to explore a wide variety of math concepts which are thoughtfully planned around learning guidelines.
  • Phonological Awareness (approximately 90 minutes): Clarifies the skills associated with phonological awareness and their importance. Teachers learn how these skills develop across a continuum and practice ways to teach phonological awareness throughout the day.
  • Alphabet Knowledge (approximately 90 minutes): Provides a deeper understanding of how letter knowledge contributes to literacy development and prepares teachers to provide meaningful experiences through targeted lessons using books, the letter wall, environmental print, and more.
  • Language Development (approximately 115 minutes): Discusses the importance of intentional language development by engaging students in meaningful conversations. Teachers will explore and practice ways in which language can be woven throughout all parts of the school day.
  • Book Reading (approximately 100 minutes): Prepares teachers to provide effective read-alouds that actively engage students through targeted before, during, and after reading activities that foster a love for books while also building comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Written Expression (approximately 100 minutes): Discusses the emergent stages of writing to help teachers establish reasonable expectations for writing in the prekindergarten classroom. Teachers will experience four approaches to writing instruction and learn the teacher’s role in scaffolding writing.

Training content is based on literacy development, curriculum implementation, math, mentoring, progress monitoring, and professional development research conducted at the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a training.

Lisa Perronne, B.B.A.

Lisa joined the CLI Solutions Group in 2016 bringing with her over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing. She most recently worked for another University of Texas System organization, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, as a Volunteer Coordinator, Program Coordinator, and Program Supervisor. There, she was instrumental in increasing retail sales and volunteer contributions for the Children’s Art Project. Driven by her desire to assist children and be of service, she was drawn to the Children’s Learning Institute.

Here, Lisa serves as a Product and Services Specialist responsible for coordinating the marketing efforts for our team. Her role puts her at the forefront of new customer contacts, as she strives to expand adoption of CLI created products and services by educators across Texas, the nation, and internationally. Lisa leads our outreach efforts, identifies new marketing opportunities, prepares proposals for potential customers, and provides a wide array of customer support.

Online Tools & Resources

The CLI Solutions Group provides a wide range of online tools and resources, many of which are free to all!

AERO Reading Curriculum & Tutoring Programs
The Academic EnRichment and Outreach (AERO) Reading Curriculum and Tutoring Programs use online resources which can be used to enhance children’s opportunities for successful learning by providing them with individualized, research-based assessment and instruction in reading.

CLI Engage
CLI Engage is a comprehensive web-based platform that houses online professional development courses, child progress monitoring and reporting tools, a vast collection of classroom activities, and classroom observation tools.

CIRCLE Activity Collection
The CIRCLE Activity Collection includes lessons and activities in both English and Spanish for children birth to grade 2. Perfect for public schools, Head Starts, center- or home-based childcare, and even families!

CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum
Incorporating Incorporating time-tested lessons from the CIRCLE Activity Collection, the CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum provides all the resources needed to support weekly planning and delivery of comprehensive Pre-K instruction. The curriculum can be accessed for free online or printed versions are available for purchase. Check out Shop Our Products to learn more about print options.

CLI strongly recommends the use of assessment data to help early childhood teachers understand student skill levels and individualize instruction to support areas in which students are at-risk for falling significantly behind.