Assessment Solutions

To date, the Children’s Learning Institute has researched and developed three helpful assessment tools, writing tips and free information​ for prekindergarten through third grade. Click on the links below to learn more about each assessment.

CIRCLE Progress Monitoring (C-PM): The CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System is a user-friendly, technology-driven tool that enables prekindergarten teachers to quickly assess a child’s progress in a particular skill area. Through simple data collection and immediate assessment results, teachers understand student skill levels and can individualize instruction to support students in areas where they are at risk of falling behind.

Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment (TX-KEA): The TX-KEA is a school readiness screener that is administered to students upon kindergarten entry to inform teachers about the children in their classes, helping them to design more appropriate learning opportunities. Developed in English and Spanish, this time-efficient tool will allow assessment of all areas within 45 minutes. The assessments, reports, and training are all available on CLI Engage.

TPRI and Tejes LEE: These diagnostic instruments are easy to use one-on-one assessments to quickly assess students’ early
reading skills, helping teachers provide targeted instruction so that students improve as readers. The TPRI and
Tejas LEE benchmark assessments are given 3 times per year.

Systematic Assessment of Book Reading (SABR) 2.0: This tool examines qualities of teacher and child talk through observation of classroom shared book reading. The SABR is a reliable and valid measure of classroom quality. The tool captures the frequency of key behaviors that are known to promote young children’s language and literacy skills. The system is well aligned with the national learning standards and state standards for prekindergarten through grade 1, and can be used by teachers, school leaders, and intervention specialists to promote effective teaching.