Our Clients

The CLI Solutions Group is fortunate to work with educators in many locations. From Bogotá, Colombia, to Michigan, North Dakota, and California. The majority of our work occurs in our home state of Texas, but we are happy to collaborate with educators in any location.

“As the first grade team at San Carlos, we highly appreciate the commitment, experience, and knowledge the Texas team shares so that we can do our best with our kids on a daily basis.” – Bogotá, Colombia First Grade Teachers

“I have been attending educational workshops for 15 years, and this one stands out as a great one to remember on my list.  This was like attending a college course.  It was great.  Learning from this instructor was interesting and fun!.” – Devils Lake, North Dakota Teacher

“This presentation of Developing Talkers has been a missing piece of my development as a teacher, even after all these years of teaching special needs students. Developing Talkers will definitely be a huge asset to the improved achievement this coming school year.” – Klein, Texas Teacher