Grades 1-5

CLI Solutions Group offers a number of solutions to support literacy development in grades 1-5. Click on the links below to learn more about our offerings.

Maximizing Learning through Effective Instruction: In this session, participants will investigate explicit instruction with modeling and will think about how to plan lessons providing multiple opportunities for students to practice and respond to skills and concepts being taught.

Phonological Awareness: Instructional Activities for Use Throughout the Day! This training is developed around a user friendly resource, which was created to support young children’s phonological awareness skills. Designed for use with PreK to 1st grade students, the practical activities in this resource can be used to teach all facets of this foundational literacy component in as little as 10 minutes per day.

Effective Phonics Instruction: A Routine for Teaching Spelling: This training focuses on a 4-step routine for providing explicit and systematic phonics instruction regardless of the phonics program implemented in the K-2 classroom. Clear and consistent language is used for all parts of the routine and teachers are supported with a user-friendly lesson planning template and resource book.

Fluency: The Bridge Between Word Recognition and Comprehension: This session will explain the three components of fluency: accuracy, rate, and prosody.  Participants will learn practical techniques to help students develop fluency and will understand the importance of providing students with multiple and varied opportunities to practice oral reading.

Unlocking Understanding: Unlocking Understanding is a practical comprehension instruction training series that helps teachers learn to support students to comprehend text effectively. This series focuses on building a strong foundation of the cognitive strategies used by proficient readers. Training sessions are designed to guide teachers through a set of instructional approaches shown by research to be effective in classrooms across grade levels.

Instructional Coaching for Teachers: The CLI Solutions Group offers individualized in-person instructional coaching for teachers at all grade levels. Coaching supports instructional improvement by providing educators with a deeper understanding of best practices, and guidance on practical classroom implementation of these practices. Services include training implementation support through classroom observations, meetings with one teacher or groups of teachers, demonstration lessons, co‐teaching, lesson‐planning support, and more.