Systematic Assessment of Book Reading (SABR) 2.0

The Systematic Assessment of Book Reading SABR (2.0) examines qualities of teacher and child talk through observation of classroom shared book reading. There are two forms of the assessment that can be used to support observations.

  • The short form is designed for reviewing video-recorded read-alouds or live observations, and allows educators and researchers to capture 17 focal aspects of classroom discourse during book reading that are most closely related to growth in young children’s language and literacy skills.
  • The long form is designed for researchers to capture more detailed qualities of classroom discourse and includes 40 codes; this includes codes of theoretical importance as well as codes that closely relate to growth in children’s skills. The long form is designed for use with transcribed read-alouds.

To support accurate and consistent implementation, training is recommended.

Short-form Training: During this 5 hours training, participants will learn how to identify texts and follow administration protocols for using the SABR. As well, participants will learn to navigate their way through the SABR manual as they engage in practice activities using the coding forms. This training is recommended for prekindergarten and kindergarten teachers, school leaders, and intervention specialists.

Long-form Training: This training is 8 hours in length. Participants will learn to implement the coding scheme which has been designed for ease of use to quickly prepare teams to reliably observe and measure qualities of classroom discourse. Participants will each receive the SABR manual and they will have opportunities to engage in practice activities using the coding forms.

For more information and to request training, please contact CLI Solutions Group.