Darcy Dycha, M.Ed.

Darcy is a Senior Project Manager with CLI Solutions Group. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the team as she is able to draw on her diverse professional experiences. Darcy began her teaching career in an inner city school in Canada. It was there that she established herself as a leader in literacy instruction. As a KEEN Foundation recipient, she purchased guided reading materials for her school when the guided reading movement first began to take root in North America. Darcy studied the guided reading approach and looked for ways to improve instruction. This type of leadership and initiative earned her the honor of being selected as a featured lecturer for Scholastic Canada, and she was awarded as a finalist in Excellence in Teaching. Darcy went onto consult for a number of Canadian publishers and worked as a literacy consultant for the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement.

After moving to the U.S., Darcy became a Statewide Coordinator with Texas Reading First. She also worked as a Project Manager for the state early reading assessment, the TPRI. Darcy is known throughout the state of Texas as an expert in comprehension instruction. She has led the Solutions Group team in development of the Unlocking Understanding comprehension series K-12, and is a contributing author of Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction and Assessment, a textbook used for instruction of preservice teachers.