Keith Millner, M.A., Ed.M.

Keith Millner is the Director of Children’s Learning Institute Programs, and is the founding Director of the CLI Solutions Group. Launched in 2016, the CLI Solutions Group leads the dissemination of CLI products, training, and services to schools on a contract basis, making CLI’s work available for a wider audience of educators across Texas, nationally, and internationally.  Mr. Millner has more than 25 years of experience in PreK-12 and higher education, working in a range of roles in schools and at CLI.  Mr. Millner earned master’s degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in School Leadership, and from the University of Colorado in Early Childhood Education. He has been with CLI since 2004.

Prior to leading the CLI Solutions Group, Mr. Millner served as the Director for CLI of the Texas Literacy Initiative (TLI), and the TPRI early reading assessment, both funded by the Texas Education Agency. He also managed and served as a lead author for two federally funded curriculum development research projects in the areas of early vocabulary, oral language, and reading comprehension development. As the Director of TLI, Mr. Millner was a member of the state leadership team for the TLI.  He also led a team of 15-20 CLI educators who helped school districts implement the Texas State Literacy Plan, a guide for creating comprehensive campus-based literacy programs from birth to Grade 12. While director of the TPRI project, Mr. Millner oversaw all TPRI development, support, and training for the Children’s Learning Institute. He was a member of the author team that created the 2010 version of the TPRI, and managed the large-scale research studies for this edition. Mr. Millner also managed the contract to print both the TPRI and the Tejas LEE reading assessments and distribute them to more than 50,000 classrooms in more than 1,000 districts and schools across Texas.