CIRCLE Preschool Foundations

This popular and impactful training provides a comprehensive look at prekindergarten instruction to support kindergarten readiness. Across this two-day training, teachers will experience multiple demonstration lessons and will have numerous opportunities to practice lessons and activities which can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

This 7-module training was developed to target key areas of prekindergarten learning and instruction: Best Practices, Language Development, Phonological Awareness, Letter Knowledge, Book Reading, Written Expression, and Mathematics.


  • Best Practices: Reinforces the importance of using research-based instructional approaches as a critical component of children’s emotional development and learning while engaging teachers in meaningful discussions, self-reflection, and planning.
  • Book Reading: Prepares teachers to provide effective read alouds that actively engage students through targeted before, during, and after reading activities that foster a love for books while also building comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Language Development: Discusses the importance of intentional language development by engaging students in meaningful conversations. Teachers will explore and practice ways in which language can be woven throughout all parts of the school day.
  • Letter Knowledge: Provides a deeper understanding of the how letter knowledge contributes to literacy development and prepares teachers to provide meaningful experiences through targeted lessons using books, the letter wall, environmental print, and more.
  • Mathematics: Supports teachers in delivering playful lessons and activities that offer students opportunities to explore a wide variety of math concepts which are thoughtfully planned around learning guidelines.
  • Phonological Awareness: Clarifies the skills associated with phonological awareness and their importance. Teachers learn how these skills develop across a continuum and practice ways to teach phonological awareness throughout the day.
  • Written Expression: Discusses the emergent stages of writing to help teachers establish reasonable expectations for in the prekindergarten classroom. Teachers will experience four approaches to writing instruction and learn the teacher’s role in scaffolding writing.

Training content is based on literacy development, curriculum implementation, math, mentoring, progress monitoring, and professional development research conducted at the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

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