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Start-up Guide: The Start-up Guide has been included to provide a quick overview of the curriculum and a sample of the support for lesson planning.
Start-up Guide Quick View

Scope and Sequences: In the print edition, there are 15 Scope and Sequence books addressing 33 weeks of whole- and small group instruction. Please preview the English and Spanish sample for Week 14 by clicking on the links below.
Scope and Sequence English Week 14 Sample
Scope and Sequence Spanish Week 14 Sample

Theme Guides: Theme Guides can be used flexibly and work in conjunction with the Scope and Sequence. Below, we have provided an excerpt from both the English and Spanish version of the theme The Sky Above Me/ Mi cielo sobre mi.
Theme Guide English The Sky Above Me Sample
Theme Guide Spanish El cielo sobre mi Sample

Supplemental Materials Handout: The Supplemental Materials Collection includes numerous resources to support the implementation of the curriculum. Please refer to the handout for an explanation of the various materials and how they are used in the classroom.
Supplemental Materials Handout

Sample Letter Introduction Routine cards: The Letter Introduction Routine cards are just one component of the Supplemental Materials. Below, we have provided a sample card in each language. These cards are a powerful teaching tool. Scripts on the back of the card follow an explicit routine for introducing letter names, sounds, and letter formation. The consistent language is helpful for both teachers and children.
Letter Card English Sample
Letter Card Spanish Sample