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CIRCLE Infant & Toddler Foundations Training

Developed for the Texas Infant-Toddler Specialists Network (, the CIRCLE Infant & Toddler Foundations Training is the precursor to the popular CIRCLE Preschool Foundations Training. 

The 5 interactive modules include time for discussion, practice, and viewing of real teachers in real classrooms teaching the highlighted lessons. Infant and toddler teachers will  increase knowledge and understanding of research-based, effective practices and will leave the session with the confidence to implement all that they learned during the training.

To meet the needs of individual centers, this training may be provided in its entirety over the course of 2 days, or modules may be provided in 90 minute or 3 hour sessions. As well, all sessions are designed for face-to-face or virtual learning. The modules are listed below in the recommended order of delivery:

    • Best Practices (~1.5 hours)
    • Social & Emotional Development (~3 hours)
    • Language & Communication Development (~3 hours)
    • Cognitive Development (~3 hours)
    • Physical Health & Motor Development (~2 hours)

Contact us to learn more about this exciting training opportunity!

Print Knowledge: Impacting Reading Readiness

Helping students to fixate on print 20,000 times more!

This  engaging 1.5 hour training helps teachers learn how to plan and implement impactful read-aloud and shared reading experiences. “Estimates suggest that when preschool-age children are read to with a print-referencing style every day for 10 minutes, they may fixate on print 20,000 times more than children who are not read to [this] way” (Justice et al., 2008 in Zucker, Ward, & Justice, 2009, p. 63).

Print referencing refers to teaching young children about the functions and forms of print during read-aloud and shared book reading in the classroom. There is robust evidence indicating that children who experience direct instruction of print related skills during read-alouds, have greater knowledge about print meaning, book and print organization, alphabet knowledge, and concept of word.

Ensure that your teachers are preparing students for reading success. Contact us today to find out how to bring this important training session to your teachers.



Zucker, T., Ward, A.. Justice, L. (2009). Print referencing during read-alouds: A technique for increasing emergent readers’ print knowledge. The Reading Teacher. 63(1), pp. 62-72.

Classroom Management in Prekindergarten

In this full-day session, participants will watch videos, engage in activities, and have many opportunities to discuss as they learn the structures and processes necessary to effectively implement excellent classroom management. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of all that’s required to positively support children’s social and emotional development in an environment where they feel safe, confident, and comfortable.

Contact us to learn how to bring this training to your campus.

CIRCLE Progress Monitoring Training

In this full-day session, participants will learn how to administer the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring (C-PM) assessment and will have the opportunities to explore other resources on CLI Engage. C-PM is a user-friendly, online tool that allows the teacher to assess a child’s progress in a particular skill area. This reliable, yet simplistic data collection prompts teachers to focus on lessons that target their students’ least developed skill areas. Specific activities for targeting tier 2 students are linked to the CIRCLE activity collection. This hands-on training includes many opportunities to practice administering the assessment.

*Participants will need computer and internet access.

Training Options:

  • A condensed 3- hour session for teachers is available upon request. Contact us to learn more.
  • A 1.5 hour session specifically designed for administrators is also available.


Click here to learn more about the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring.

Read with Me: Promoting Early Literacy Development

This engaging 5 hour session is part of the Play with Me! series.

In the Read with Me session, teachers learn key instructional strategies research has found to support the literacy development in young children. Participants will explore the role of book reading with infants and toddlers along with other practical ways to target literacy. Video examples are used so that teachers can see strategies in action with real caregivers and children. As well, they will have numerous hands-on opportunities to apply and practice session content.

Don’t miss out on this valuable training opportunity. Contact us today to learn more.

Increasing Family Engagement in Our Schools

CLI Solutions Group has a variety of offerings to help schools increase family engagement. Listed below, is one of our more popular offerings. If you are in interested in learning more about play-based learning at home, please contact us.

Increasing Family Engagement in Our Schools

In this half-day session, educators will consider what family engagement is and why it is important to student long-term academic success. Participants will learn strategies for building positive relationships with families, overcoming barriers, and promoting effective two-way conversations. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring parent reports, learn how to describe student progress in family-friendly ways, and find out how to connect families to the CIRCLE Activity Collection.

If you are interested in learning how to host family engagement activities at your campus, please click on the link to learn about our hugely successful Teaching Together Family Workshops.


Upcoming Training

The following prekindergarten teacher trainings have been scheduled for spring/summer:

   Summer Prekindergarten Workshop: Phonological Awareness &  Creating an Effective Classroom Environment: June 19, 2019, Houston.


The following infant and toddler teacher trainings have been scheduled for spring/summer:

   Talk With Me: Promoting Early Language Development: June 25, 2019, Houston.

   Read With Me: Promoting Early Literacy Development: June 26, 2019, Houston.

   Connect With Me: Promoting Social and Emotional Development: June 27, 2019, Houston.

Systematic Assessment of Book Reading (SABR) 2.0

The Systematic Assessment of Book Reading SABR (2.0) examines qualities of teacher and child talk through observation of classroom shared book reading. There are two forms of the assessment that can be used to support observations.

  • The short form is designed for reviewing video-recorded read-alouds or live observations, and allows educators and researchers to capture 17 focal aspects of classroom discourse during book reading that are most closely related to growth in young children’s language and literacy skills.
  • The long form is designed for researchers to capture more detailed qualities of classroom discourse and includes 40 codes; this includes codes of theoretical importance as well as codes that closely relate to growth in children’s skills. The long form is designed for use with transcribed read-alouds.

To support accurate and consistent implementation, training is recommended.

Short-form Training: During this 5 hours training, participants will learn how to identify texts and follow administration protocols for using the SABR. As well, participants will learn to navigate their way through the SABR manual as they engage in practice activities using the coding forms. This training is recommended for prekindergarten and kindergarten teachers, school leaders, and intervention specialists.

Long-form Training: This training is 8 hours in length. Participants will learn to implement the coding scheme which has been designed for ease of use to quickly prepare teams to reliably observe and measure qualities of classroom discourse. Participants will each receive the SABR manual and they will have opportunities to engage in practice activities using the coding forms.

For more information and to request training, please contact CLI Solutions Group.