CIRCLE Progress Monitoring for Administrators

This 1.5 hour session, is a condensed version of the full-day CIRCLE Progress Monitoring (C-PM) training for Prekindergarten teachers. C-PM is a research-based assessment for prekindergarten students. The results of C-PM inform teachers and administrators how students are performing on specified skills at three time points during the academic year.

C-PM for Administrators provides a clear understanding of each skill assessed, how it is assessed, why it is assessed in the way that it is, and how it is beneficial to student learning. Administrators will learn that student scores are based on cut points of what is expected at each time point for the age of the child. Ample time will be dedicated to understanding the various reports available through CLI Engage. Administrators will leave with the knowledge of what each report is and how it is useful when making academic decisions for students. Time will be devoted to learning about two additional tools: CIRCLE Activities Collection and eCourses.

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