CIRCLE Infant & Toddler Foundations Training

Developed for the Texas Infant-Toddler Specialists Network (, the CIRCLE Infant & Toddler Foundations Training is the precursor to the popular CIRCLE Preschool Foundations Training. 

The 5 interactive modules include time for discussion, practice, and viewing of real teachers in real classrooms teaching the highlighted lessons. Infant and toddler teachers will  increase knowledge and understanding of research-based, effective practices and will leave the session with the confidence to implement all that they learned during the training.

To meet the needs of individual centers, this training may be provided in its entirety over the course of 2 days, or modules may be provided in 90 minute or 3 hour sessions. As well, all sessions are designed for face-to-face or virtual learning. The modules are listed below in the recommended order of delivery:

    • Best Practices (~1.5 hours)
    • Social & Emotional Development (~3 hours)
    • Language & Communication Development (~3 hours)
    • Cognitive Development (~3 hours)
    • Physical Health & Motor Development (~2 hours)

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