Print Knowledge: Impacting Reading Readiness

Helping students to fixate on print 20,000 times more!

This  engaging 1.5 hour training helps teachers learn how to plan and implement impactful read-aloud and shared reading experiences. “Estimates suggest that when preschool-age children are read to with a print-referencing style every day for 10 minutes, they may fixate on print 20,000 times more than children who are not read to [this] way” (Justice et al., 2008 in Zucker, Ward, & Justice, 2009, p. 63).

Print referencing refers to teaching young children about the functions and forms of print during read-aloud and shared book reading in the classroom. There is robust evidence indicating that children who experience direct instruction of print related skills during read-alouds, have greater knowledge about print meaning, book and print organization, alphabet knowledge, and concept of word.

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Zucker, T., Ward, A.. Justice, L. (2009). Print referencing during read-alouds: A technique for increasing emergent readers’ print knowledge. The Reading Teacher. 63(1), pp. 62-72.