Exploring the Prekindergarten Guidelines

The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines form the basis of all prekindergarten teaching for the state of Texas. The Solutions Group offers four, three hour sessions, to cover all ten domains outlined in the guide. Child outcomes, and behaviors for each domain will be explored in this interactive training. Hands-on activities are provided in order to help the participants see how the identified instructional strategies can be used to design lessons and activities. A copy of the guidelines and additional handouts and checklists will be supplied to help with implementation. The sessions are offered as a two-day comprehensive training or as individual sessions which cover specific domains.

Session 1: Best Practices and Social/Emotional Development (3 Hours)

This session outlines some of the best practices teachers should use when working with prekindergarten children. The participants will also explore the guideline domain of Social and Emotional Development. In addition, the children’s development of self-concept, self-regulation, and relationship skills will be discussed.

Session 2: Language, Reading and Writing (3 Hours)

This session explores the domains of Language and Communication, Emergent Literacy Reading, and Emergent Literacy Writing development. Language and communication development are crucial for all future learning. To help participants understand the interrelationship of the pre-reading and writing skills of letter knowledge, vocabulary, and phonological awareness are discussed in detail.

Session 3:  Mathematics, and Science (3 Hours)

This session explores the domains of Mathematics, and Science development. Participants will be given multiple classroom activities to engage children in math and science for learning and problem solving.

Session 4: Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, and Technology (3 Hours)

This session explores the domains of Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, and Technology. Many teachers find these areas difficult to include in their daily curriculum. The instructional strategies and child outcomes help to explain these domains. Additional books and online resources for prekindergarten teachers will also be discussed.