Developing Talkers & Hablemos Juntos

Developing Talkers is a research-based curriculum supplement that helps teachers support academic language use in their classroom by using rich narrative and informational texts as the springboard for more extended learning. Hablemos Juntos is the corresponding curriculum for instruction in Spanish. Designed for use with PK-2 grade level students, lessons from this 14-week program are based on read-alouds of narrative or information books and require only 20-30 minutes per day. Lessons are child-focused, developmentally appropriate, and approach learning in an interactive manner.

Developing Talkers provides for differentiated instruction including components that align with Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) frameworks. Program components include Tier 1, whole-group instruction, Whole-Group Extension Lessons, and Tier 2 materials for use during small-group instruction. Learning activities are aligned to the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, and the kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards.

Curriculum Kits:

  • Are available in English & Spanish
  • Use a 14-week curricula based on read alouds
  • Include all books and materials stored inside a single box
  • Include explicit vocabulary and comprehension instruction
  • Provide guiding questions for teachers directly in texts
  • Have whole-group and targeted small-group lessons

Training Options:

  • Developing Talkers Through Interactive Read Alouds: This full-day session provides participants with an overview of the supplemental curriculum, as well as an understanding of what is included in the kit. Participants will learn how to implement the 14-week curriculum and explicitly teach sophisticated vocabulary words. Training provides support for Tier 1 whole-group, and Tier 2 small-group instruction.
  • Hablemos Juntos a traves de la lectura compartida e interactiva: This full-day training is in English but focuses on implementing the Hablemos Juntos curriculum. Training provides support for Tier 1 whole-group, and Tier 2 small-group instruction.
  • Developing Talkers & Hablemos Juntos Combined: This training is developed for schools that provide instruction to prekindergarten children in English and Spanish. Participants are trained on how to implement the Developing Talkers and Hablemos Juntos 14-week curriculum supplement. Training provides support for Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction.

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