CIRCLE Pre-K-Grade 2 Activity Collection

The CIRCLE Pre-K to Grade 2 Activity Collection translates the best early childhood development research into practice through a wide variety of activities that teachers can implement in the classroom. Available in English and Spanish, the collections include activities that support skill development in language, literacy, social-emotional, mathematics, and science. Each activity is structured around a standard lesson cycle, with teacher tips and extensions to enrich implementation. Scripting is included, providing example dialogue for what a teacher might say to introduce the activity, model the objective, and scaffold children’s responses.

Many activities include a demonstration video for teachers to see the activity in action. These high quality implementation examples serve a powerful professional development resource for educators. Filmed in real classroom environments, each video is then edited and overlaid with annotations that help viewers identify and understand the instructional strategies that are being used.

The Children’s Learning Institute believes that children should be exposed to new concepts multiple times and across a variety of contexts in order to solidify their understanding. These quick and easy to implement activities help teachers connect and reinforce concepts across multiple areas of development. Our activities can be used during large group, small group, and one-on-one instruction.

The activity collection is integrated to work directly with the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring System (Pre-K) and the Texas Kindergarten Entry Assessment (TX-KEA) tools. Data collected through these assessments is used to automatically suggest activities that will strengthen learning in areas where students have the greatest needs. Teachers have the added options of selecting their favorite activities and adding comments they can reference for future use.

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