Remote Coaching from CLI

Remote Coaching from CLI
Coaching can significantly improve the practice of early childhood teachers, and in turn help child outcomes. This is especially true when coaching support provides sustained opportunities for individualized practice and feedback from an expert. Effective coaches encourage instructional improvement by providing educators with a deeper understanding of best practices, and giving guidance on practical classroom implementation of these practices. The Children’s Learning Institute has extensive experience in instructional coaching, both face-to-face and remotely.

Multiple studies attest to the impactful gains produced through the use of remote coaching. The remote coaching model eliminates barriers created by distance through the use of technology. Teachers working in environments without access to local support can benefit greatly from partnering with a remote coach. Customized coaching is delivered on a repeat basis to build relationships with the educators being served. Collaboration with teachers is key in working toward improved instruction. Through a personalized mentoring approach, the coach is able to observe practices, evaluate performance, and focus on opportunities for improvement. A key component of this work is the teacher’s self-reflection which is guided by the coach. When teachers are well-supported, their competence increases along with their confidence, and children thrive as a result.

Remote Coaching Model
In CLI remote coaching, teachers record themselves practicing assigned instructional strategies while engaging with the children in their classrooms. Each confidential video recording is uploaded to the CLI Engage platform for review and annotation by a remote coach. The annotated videos are then discussed in detail with teachers via conference call. Coaches use this time to provide supportive, content-focused, and actionable feedback. During these exchanges coaches also prompt teachers to reflect upon their own performance. Toward the end of a call, teachers and coaches together set goals for their next coaching session.

Remote Coaching Sessions
Remote coaching can be utilized by a single teacher or multiple teachers within an organization. Implementation of the remote coaching program begins with an on-site session that brings all participants together for a three hour orientation. During this initial session participants meet their coach, discuss protocols, and practice using required equipment. Afterwards, participants schedule appointments for individual one hour remote coaching sessions. Usually occurring weekly, these individual sessions are personalized to meet the professional development needs of the participating teacher.

CLI Solutions Group Contract Fees
Our staff is available to customize a coaching solution to meet your program’s unique needs. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a proposal for remote coaching services.