Leadership Support

Leadership support is available for principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, facilitators, and other campus leaders. Our team of experts includes experienced educators, with rich classroom experience, and a deep understanding of what works, based on scientific research. Well rooted in pedagogy, our staff assists school leaders in exploring their educational goals, and designing solutions to meet those goals.

School leaders set the organization’s direction, facilitate change, and guide instructional practices, all with the intent of increasing student achievement. To support them in their role, we meet with campus administrators and other leaders to engage in rigorous thinking and problem solving. Through face to face consultation, we create an environment rich in collaboration and idea sharing. We delve into specific problem areas identified by leadership, conduct objective observations gathering data, and then formulate custom innovative solutions for making improvements and enhancing educational outcomes. Each organization has unique challenges and opportunities that we pinpoint and act upon.

Our leadership support services include but are not limited to consulting, meeting facilitation, planning, and problem solving. We offer assistance with change management to help launch new initiatives and satisfy unmet needs. Additionally, we may aid in the identification and implementation of improvement strategies. Our expert practitioners can provide ongoing support to guide the professional development planning process, as well as follow‐up support for classroom application of skills presented in training settings.

To learn how you can support your campus leaders, contact us for more information.