Instructional Coaching for Teachers

The classroom is the best place for teachers to develop the skills they need to be successful. This is especially true for new teachers, who need additional support. Instructional coaching prepares new educators for a career in teaching, and allows seasoned instructors to enhance their skills and elevate their effectiveness.

The CLI Solutions Group provides individualized instructional coaching for teachers working at the prekindergarten, elementary, and secondary grade levels. Customized coaching is delivered in-person on a frequent and on-going basis to build strong relationships with the educators being served. Collaboration with teachers is key in working towards improved instruction. Through a personalized mentoring approach, the coach is able to observe practices, evaluate performance, and focus on opportunities for improvement.

Our in-person coaching model includes the use of classroom visits, on-site in-services, lesson-planning support, lesson modeling, co-teaching, reflective conversations, and goal setting. During sessions, coaches use positive mentoring strategies aligned with research-proven practices to guide teachers. Through these sessions, teachers learn best practices, gain guidance on practical classroom implementation, and benefit from opportunities for supportive practice.

Our program also offers remote coaching services that eliminate the barriers created by distance. In the remote coaching model, teachers record live lessons and upload video files for review by their coach. The coach annotates the videos providing comments at source points for discussion, and provides feedback and guidance through phone sessions. Multiple studies attest to the impactful gains made when using this model.

The focus of these coaching programs is to strengthen classroom instruction resulting in sustainable improvements in student engagement and achievement. When teachers are well-supported, their competence increases along with their confidence, and students thrive as a result. The Children’s Learning Institute has extensive experience in instructional coaching and countless success stories to our credit.

Contact the CLI Solutions Group to learn how you can arrange for coaching that empowers your teaching staff.