Data Analysis and Support

Data analysis is used by high quality programs to drive decision making. As the use of tools that track progress in specific child and teacher skills are becoming prevalent, organizations may need support in deciphering the meaning of their collected data, and translating it into actionable items that improve outcomes.

The Children’s Learning Institute strongly recommends the use of assessment data to help teachers understand student skill levels. Assessment tools identify the skills and abilities of students, denoting learning areas that are proficient and not proficient, when compared to benchmarks or other standards. The collected data, compiled into reports, can be instrumental in determining where additional instructional support is needed. The assessment results thus drive instructional planning and student learning. Formative assessment is also beneficial for teacher professional development by tracking the use of quality teaching behaviors and setting goals for improvement based on results. The Children’s Learning Institute has developed a number of child, student, and teacher tools for data-driven decision making. These tools are recommended to inform priorities for caregiving, classroom instruction, and professional development.

The CLI Solutions Group combines our research-based background with data-driven decision-making tools to thoroughly analyze customer data. In our findings, we identify areas of need and potential issues that we clearly communicate to the customer, to build knowledge and increase understanding. With proven expertise in developing outcome-based solutions, we fashion innovative yet practical approaches to obtaining educational improvements. We work closely with our partners to ascertain their priorities and organizational objectives. We then incorporate their unique needs and requests in our proposed supportive improvement plans. Examples of supportive services include teacher trainings, lesson plan development, grouping students for small-group interventions, and selecting classroom activities that reinforce learning in essential areas.

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