CIRCLE Infant and Toddler Teacher Training: Play with Me! Series

This engaging series of trainings dive into content from the eCIRCLE Infant & Toddler Teacher Training: Play with Me! courses. Sessions in the series provide specific instructional strategies targeting infant and toddler development. In these face-to-face trainings, teachers experience strategies in action through video examples of real caregivers and children. Teachers participate in interactive exercises related to infant and toddler language, literacy, and social-emotional development, as well as best practices in responsive caregiving and using developmental checklists.

Trainings in this series are available individually or in combination. Session titles and descriptions include:

Talk with Me: Promoting Early Language Development: Session includes language-building and eliciting strategies such as labeling, describing, narrating, and encouraging conversation.
Read with Me: Promoting Early Literacy Development: Session includes strategies for promoting interest in books and a motivation to read, as well as using rhyme, rhythm, and props to enrich literacy experiences.
Connect with Me: Supporting Early Social-Emotional Skills and Self-Regulation: Session includes strategies for promoting early emotion recognition, self-regulation, and relationships with others.

Accessing Face-to-Face Training & Support
Infant and toddler services offered by CLI Solutions Group include training, instructional coaching, consultation, and custom services to strengthen a wide variety of programs. Our services can be used in combination or individually. Our staff is available to provide additional information, answer questions, and customize solutions to meet your program’s unique needs. Please contact us to discuss training options and how we can help improve your infant and toddler program.