Angela Trevino, M.Ed.

Angela is a Project Specialist with CLI Solutions Group. She is successful in this position because she is able to draw on her varied educational experiences. As a classroom teacher, she taught at several grade levels allowing her to gain a vast knowledge of the needs of students as they progress from grade to grade. Her passion for supporting educators began many years ago when she mentored new teachers and student teachers on her campus. These opportunities allowed her to see the impact one person can make on many. This led her to work at the district level to revise curriculum for several grade levels and develop and lead the summer school program for her campus.

At Solutions Group, Angela works closely with district leaders, principals, and teachers to improve educational outcomes through intensive classroom coaching and professional development. Angela has also worked with the Texas School Ready! project by providing personalized remote coaching and online support for preschool programs across the state. She has also developed several trainings to support teachers in the area of guided reading, data analysis, and the implementation of effective, purposeful centers.

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