Using Data to Guide Instruction in Prekindergarten

This hands-on, highly interactive session will help teachers understand how to evaluate and plan small group instruction based on the results of CIRCLE Progress Monitoring.

In the cycle of effective teaching and learning, assessment is what drives instruction. Assessment serves as a tool to identify the skills and abilities of students so teachers are able to improve instruction and student learning. These types of improvements only happen when teachers take time to evaluate and plan effective instruction from the data collected.

CIRCLE Progress Monitoring provides teachers with several different types of reports to help with the evaluation process. During this training, teachers will be shown how to analyze each report to glean valuable information about the strengths and needs of the class. They will be shown specifically how to determine which skills need to be retaught during whole group or small group. Teachers will also learn how to use the Class Groups Report to group students in an intentional way for small group instruction.

Once teachers determine the needs of the class, they can begin planning direct instruction. Effective instruction assists students in learning new skills and moving information successfully into their long-term memory. To assist with this goal, teachers are shown how to plan and implement instruction that follows a lesson cycle with key components.  Teachers will be shown how to use the CIRCLE Activity Collection as a planning tool and resource to ensure all lessons follow the lesson cycle and include hands-on activities.

Prerequisite: Participants must be current CLI Engage Users.