Twyla Vogler, M.Ed.

As a Senior Project Manager with CLI Solutions Group, Twyla Vogler works to provide teachers and administrators with professional development for improving instruction in reading and language arts. Since coming to CLI, she says, “One of the biggest things that I have learned over the last few years, is the importance of showing how we use skills and strategies while reading, rather than just telling learners what to do. I think this contributes to some of the confusions struggling learners have. Modeling is key.”

Twyla’s educational career began in a small community in rural Iowa before moving to Houston where she taught in one of the largest inner city school districts. After 14 years in the classroom, she branched out to take on the roles of instructional coach and Title 1 Coordinator. Coaching in the classroom is where her passion for working with teachers to improve instruction began. Her success in this area eventually led her to the Children’s Learning Institute at UT Health as a Statewide Coordinator with Texas Reading First. During her time at CLI, she has also been a Project Coordinator with Texas School Ready! and a State Literacy Liaison with the Texas Literacy Initiative. Twyla is a Professional Development Manager and she is a co-author of several trainings on topics such as comprehension, phonological awareness, and small group instruction. Twyla has presented at numerous local and state conferences on early childhood instruction and on various literacy topics related to grades PK–12.